Eid ul-Adha Images : Eid Mubarak Images

Eid ul-Adha Images : Eid Mubarak Images

Eid ul-Adha Images Firstly we wish you all a very happy Eid-Al-Adha Mubarak 2017 in prior. Hope you guys are enjoying our today. As we all appriciate that this year Eid Al Adha (Eid ul-Adha Images) is going to celebrate on 10 or 11 September 2017 in India & in other countries. This festival is celebrated on different dates in different countries.

Eid ul-Adha Images

This holy festival is celebrated by all Muslim’s association from all over the world. The holy month of Islam prayer(Dhu al-Hijjah) is just about to come. The month of Thou Dhu al-Hijjah is the most sacred month in Islamic Calendar. It’s always a pleasure to send & receive blessing in regards of welcoming Thou Dhu al-Hijjah.

Story behind Bakri Id

According to Islamic tradition, once, the God Allah assert Prophet Ibrahim to prove his wish on him. So, the God Allah asked him to sacrifice his closest son Ismail. Prophet Ibrahim deep affection towards his son was as strong as his hope in God Allah.

It was too deplorable to execute his own child in his own hand. But he could not refuse the order of Allah. He closed his eyes and constructed a acute word. Reciting Allah’s name he separated the head from the body.

He opened his eyes and could  repudiate on his senses. His son Ismail was actual alive in front of his eyes and he saw a dead lamb lying in the pool of blood. Then he understood that god hoped to test his consent to sacrifice his beloved object.

Beautiful Collection Of Eid ul Adha Images 2017

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Eid ul-Adha Images

Eid ul-Adha Images


Eid ul-Adha Images


Eid ul-Adha Images


Eid ul-Adha Images

Traditions of Eid Al Adha

Eid al-Adha 2017 concludes the tour to Mecca. Eid al-Adha 2017 lasts for three days and remember Ibrahim’s (Abraham) willingness to obey God by sacrificing his son.

The same story appears in the Bible and is familiar to Jews and Christians. One key difference is that Muslims believe the son was Ishmael rather than Isaac as told in the Old Testament.

According to the Quran, Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son when a voice from heaven stopped him and allowed him to make something else as a ‘great sacrifice’. In the Old Testament, it is a ram that is sacrifice instead of the son.

In Islam, Ishmael is regarded as a prophet and an ancestor of Muhammad.

During the feast of Eid al-Adha 2017, Muslims re-enact Ibrahim’s obedience by sacrificing a cow or ram. The family will eat about a third of the meal a third goes to friends and relatives, and the remaining third is donate to the poor and needy.

The giving of charity in the form of money, food or clothes to the homeless or poor is another key tradtion of Eid al-Adha 2017 (Eid ul-Adha Images).


According to Islamic heritage, the valley of Mecca (in present-day Saudi Arabia) was a dry, rocky, and uninhabited place. God advised Abraham to bring Hagar(Hājar), his Arabian (Adnan) wife. And Ishmael to Arabia from the nation of Canaan.

As Abraham was preparing for his return trip back to Canaan, Hagar ask him, “Did God order you to leave us here? Or are you leaving us here to die?” Abraham did not even look back. He just approve, afraid that he would be too sad and that he would disobey God. Hagar said, “Then God will not destruction us; you can go”. Though Abraham had left a large variety of food and water with Hagar and Ishmael, the supplies immediately ran out, and within a few days the two began to feeling the pangs of hunger and lack.

Hagar ran up and down between two hills, al-Safa and Al-Marwah, seven times, in her determine quest for water. disable, she finally exhaust beside her baby Ishmael and pray to God for deliverance. Well, a spring of water spring forth from the earth at the feet of baby Ishmael. Other accounts have the angel Jibra’il, mark the earth and generate the spring to flow in abundance. With this secure water supply, known as the Zamzam Well, they were not only able to contribute for their own needs, but were also able to trade water with passing pilgrim for food and supplies.

Bakra Eid 2017

The occasion of the festival of Bakrid  (Eid ul-Adha Images) has been describe in Islamic heritage. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) was advised by God to bring his Egyptian wife Hajar and his son Ishmael to the descipline of Saudi Arabia and to leave them there. By divine intervention, a well came here which help Hajar and her son to persist. Later, Abraham returned here and inform the word of God.

In order to test him, God authorize him to sacrifice his only son Ishmael in repeated dreams. When Abraham asked Ishmael, he was preapre to bow before the will of God. Satan approve to distract them, but Ishmael drove him away by throwing stones. Finally, when Abraham tried to cut his son’s throat, he was afford by divine advise and found a ram to have been sacrifice instead. To commemorate this day of sacrifice and the blessing of God, Bakrid is celebrated with sacrifice of animals.

When It Is Performed ?   

Bakra Eid 2017

The Eid al-Adha (Eid ul-Adha Images) prayer is perform any time after the sun perfectly rises up to just before the entering of Zuhr time, on the 10th of Dhu al-Hijjah. In the event of a force majeure (e.g. natural disaster), the prayer may be late to the 11th of Dhu al-Hijjah and then to the 12th of Dhu al-Hijjah.

How to Celebrated Eid-al-Adha 2017 ?

The celebrations of Eid al-Adha 2017 begin after the Hajj is ending. The 10th day of the month of Dhul Hijjah is extensive as the first day of Eid al-Adha 2017 (Eid ul-Adha Images). This day is celebrate with great feeling, distinction and gravity across the globe. On this morning, Muslims dress in their best and new clothes and move out to offer prayers in different mosques. After offering prayers, people transfer greetings with one another by grab and wishing Eid Mubarak (Eid al-Adha 2017).

Eid al-Adha 2017

They, then, begin their day with eating breakfast, which generally starts off with a sweet arrangement, mainly Sheer Kurma or Sevaiyan. Soon after completing breakfast, it is time for sacrifice of private animals. Only animals that have been deem Halal or confess for sacrifice are murder. Such exclusive animals include goat, sheep, lamb, ram, camel, cow, buffalo, and others (Eid ul-Adha Images). While most people buy them well in leading and take good care, others promote purchasing the animal at the time of murdering. The murdering can be carry out from the morning of the 10th day to just after afternoon on the 12th day.

The meat of the animal so murder is divide into three equal part. While the first part is exhaust by the family, the other two parts are share among neighbors and friends. Family members and poor people. While distributing the meat of the murdered animal, people greet one another and spread on elegant and delicious delicacies prepared on this day.

Significance of Eid-al-Adha

Eid al-Adha  (Eid ul-Adha Images) that lasts for three days, honours the consent of the Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his elder son Ismail to God, appropriate to Christian and Jewish texts. God, please with Abraham’s submissive personality, involve and offered a bakr or a bakra – ram – which was sacrifice instead of his son Ismail. In (Eid ul-Adha Images) an honour to the divine event, Bakra Eid 2017 is celebrate for three days. Muslims  beyond the world celebrate the day by sacrificing a goat and dividing the flesh with relatives and friends. They keep one-third of it and distribute the break to the poor and the needy. Sacrificing of the animal is done between dawn to night and that is the only timing to be replace for Bakra Eid 2017.

What does the Muslim unity mean?

It means that all Muslims should treat each other with brotherly sensitivity and affection and should not spread disorder and argument among them. Nor should they design new ideas foreign to the teachings of Quran and the Sunnah which may lead to division and competition among Muslims.

It is also amazing that the article views the celebration of Eid al-Adha Images on different days as being against the concept of Ummah while in the matter of celebration of Eid ai-Fitr. This concept is distribute with. If the celebration of Eid al-Fitr on different days does not interest the concept of identity, how can it be said to harm identity in the case of Eid al-Adha (Eid ul-Adha Images).

When must Qurbani be make ?

  • Qurbani or Sacrifice is drifting out from the 10th of Zil- Hijjah (i.e. from the day of Eid-ul-Adha (Bakra Eid 2017)) after the conclusion of the Eid Salaah and Khutba, till sunset on the 12th of Zil- Hijjah. The times of desire for Qurbani are the first day, i.e. the 10th of Zil-Hijjah from the completion of the Eid Salaah, pursue by the second day and lastly the third day.
    If for some reason, animals buy for Qurbani are not murder in the time and duration of the Qurbani period, i.e. 10th, 11th & 12th of Zil-Hijjah, then such animals must be devote alive to charity.

What type of defective animals are to be avoided?

The animals for Qurbani in the Name of absolute Allah shall be in prime condition of health and free from defects. The following fault in animals disqualifies them from being use for Qurbani :-

1. Animals without ears or more than one third of the ear is fault, partially blind (one third or more), or totally blind animals. In this festival animals with horns broken from the root. That have most or all their teeth removed ; animals which have limbs cracked or used three legs to walk; animals with a third or more or their tail cut off.

2. Sick and wasted animals that lack the ability to move or walk.

Rites of the eid Prayers

The scholars differed regarding the ruling on Eid (Eid ul-Adha Images) prayers. There are three learn points of view:

  1. That Eid (Eid ul-Adha Images) prayer is Fard Kifaya(communal obligation). This is the aspect of Abu Hanifa.
  2. That it is Sunna Mu’akkada(recommended). This is the aspect of Malik ibn Anas and Al-Shafi‘i.
  3. That it is Wajibon all Muslim men (a duty for each Muslim and is obligatory for men); those who do not do it without an apology are consider sinners. This is the view of Ahmad ibn Hanbal, and was also depict from Abu Hanifa.

Eid (Eid ul-Adha Images) prayers must be provide in congregation. attendance of women in the prayer gathering varies from community to community. It consists of two rakats (units) with seven takbirs in the first Raka’ah and five Takbirs in the second Raka’ah. For Sunni Muslims, Salat al-Eid differs from the five daily approve prayers in that no adhan (call to prayer) or iqama (call) is mark for the two Eid prayers. The salat (prayer) is then replace by the khutbah, or sermon, by the Imam.

Eid al-Adha Facts

  • Unlike routine prayers, prayers for Eid al-Adha 2017 takes place in any great, open field.  There Muslims from many mosques  together. Usually, mosques participate together to find a field that is acceptable for everyone to go to.  In the United States, Eid prayers often occur in parks.
  • Festival begin with a prayer service, followed by a deeply sermon on the morning of the first day.  During the prayer, Muslims deliver verses from the Quran. Lead by an Imam, prostrate to God, and send their love to Muhammad and Abraham.
  • Since this festival occurs immediately after the Day of Arafah, many of those who go to trip celebrate it in Mina (Saudi Arabia), where thousands of animals are murder for sacrifice.
  • It is accept for Muslims perform a act body washing shower, called “ghusl,” before walking to the place of prayers.  This is in harmony with the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Often, a greater party is thrown by Muslims on one of the three days of Eid al-Adha (Eid ul-Adha Images).  Meat from murder animals is serve.
  • It is accepted for Muslim men who have lost loved ones visit graveyards on Eid al-Adha.
  • It is Islamic tradition to wear your most beautiful clothes on the first day of Eid al-Adha 2017 (Eid ul-Adha Images).  A few days before Eid al-Adha.  Muslims store for their new Eid clothes.  Marchant in Islamic countries often hold their biggest sales before Eid al-Adha.

Eid ul-Adha Images


Eid ul-Adha Images


Eid ul-Adha Images


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